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Recent WWF report highlights the severity of snaring in Southeast Asia

A snaring crisis in Southeast Asia is not only driving wildlife extinction, but also potentially increasing humans’ risk of exposure to zoonotic diseases.

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Cockatoo chicks discovered after fires ravage Kangaroo Island

Six months ago, bushfires ravaged Kangaroo Island. The endangered glossy black cockatoo was pushed to the brink of extinction. But chicks were recently discovered amid burnt bushland, boosting hopes that the species can be saved.

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Rhinos make a comeback in India's Manas National Park

The greater one-horned rhinos in Manas National Park - their population once completely decimated by poaching - are making a comeback thanks to joint conservation efforts under the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 initiative. 

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The snaring crisis in Southeast Asia

Illegal snaring is a rampant threat to wildlife and people in the forests of Southeast Asia. Snares are used to capture animals for the illegal wildlife trade. WWF-supported ranger patrols are working to address this crisis by removing snares. 

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Drones help monitor polar bears on Wrangel Island

Unique studies have started on the Wrangel Island nature reserve in Chukotka, Russia. With the support of WWF-Russia, experts for the first time are tracking and researching polar bear dens using remote-piloted drones.

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Mongolia protects millions of acres of freshwater ecosystem

Twenty-one percent of the country's territory is now protected, including a vital free flowing river

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