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COVID & the Ba’Aka Tribe of Dzanga-Sangha

In the Central African Republic, WWF supports the Indigenous Ba’Aka tribe of Dzanga-Sangha in social distancing to protect themselves from COVID-19. 

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America's Disappearing Backyard

From 2014 to 2018, tillage of grasslands across the Great Plains occurred at an average rate of four football fields lost every minute. This means that millions of acres of America’s temperate grassland, one of only four left in the world and a critically important ecosystem, is being plowed up for crop production.

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Polar bears, climate crisis, and oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic Refuge has been a place undisturbed by development. But in 2017 Congress approved opening the Coastal Plain of the Refuge to allow for oil and gas drilling. WWF has been vocal in its opposition for a host of reasons, and there is one significant bit of logic even Fish and Wildlife agrees with—the climate crisis makes the future of the region uncertain. Oil and gas development only compounds the problem.

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Over 500 new dams planned for development in protected areas

First-ever global assessment detailing the number of planned and existing dams within protected areas raises red flags for rivers.

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An all-female ranger team challenges the workforce gender gap

In Northeast China, the only all-female ranger team monitors the region's tiger range. 

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Four things to know about captive tigers in the US

We sit down with WWF's policy lead on wildlife conservation, Leigh Henry, to learn more about what the Big Cat Public Safety Act is and why it's critical for the protection of tigers.

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