What we do

Leaving the world better than before.

Here at MaropostCARES, we talk a lot about leaving the world better than before.

But what exactly does that mean?

It means giving endangered species a second chance.

It means restoring ecosystems through conservation initiatives.

It means giving a voice to the earth and its inhabitants.

And, most importantly, it means leaving a legacy of sustainability and responsibility.

Organizations we support


Sustainable pepper farming supports people and nature in Malaysian Borneo

Empowering farmers with green practices builds livelihoods while strengthening biodiversity. 

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It's time to stop funding overfishing

Harmful fisheries subsidies fuel harmful fishing practices. Rather than subsidizing fishing activities that hurt the ocean, communities, and the economy, governments have an opportunity to reroute funding toward efforts that bring benefits to marine health and human well-being.

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What are nature-based solutions and how can they help us address the climate crisis?

Tackling the climate crisis will be one of the biggest challenges of our time, and nature itself can contribute to the fight. 

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