What we do

Leaving the world better than before.

Here at MaropostCARES, we talk a lot about leaving the world better than before.

But what exactly does that mean?

It means giving endangered species a second chance.

It means restoring ecosystems through conservation initiatives.

It means giving a voice to the earth and its inhabitants.

And, most importantly, it means leaving a legacy of sustainability and responsibility.

Organizations we support


Unparalleled in modern history, West Coast fires necessitate urgent climate action

Apocalyptic scenes have multiplied in recent weeks, as fires claim lives and incinerate communities across the West Coast. The flames are fueled by a confluence of interwoven drivers, including decades of fire management practices focused on fire suppression paired with the worsening climate crisis.

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The future of flight in an era of climate crisis

Learn four steps to rebuild air travel in a way that protects us against dangerous climate change.

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Park City, Utah recognized as a national leader on climate action

Park City, Utah is the U.S. National Winner of WWF’s One Planet City Challenge in recognition of its leadership addressing the climate crisis.

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